How to create a course?

Here you can see a video of how you set up a course or acitivity.

You will find the solution under "Course registration" in the menu. To create an activity, go to "new form".

The first thing you do is fill in basic information about the course or activity. Including title, description and date. In addition, you can specify whether the registration form should be available in the course overview or whether it should only be available via the sharing link that you can later send out by e-mail or social media.

Then set up the products. It can be a combination of several products that members can put together themselves - if you wish. Here you also set up a price if you want the member to pay in what they sign up for.

A product can have several options, such as which days you want to participate.

You specify the price for the number of options and if you want to give a discount, you can do so by adjusting the total price for those who choose all the options.

The membership fields you have previously set up in the Spond Club will be available and you can choose whether they should be required, optional or not visible.

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