What is Spond's business model?

Spond is free to download and free to use. There are no hidden extras, no upsell.

Spond’s business model is transactions. We charge for one thing and one thing only: collecting money. The only cost you incur is if you chose to collect money through Spond, then there will be a transaction fee. Spond lets you collect subs and fees securely through the app. Our online payments partner, Stripe, charges a small admin fee for this. (Even then, the transaction cost is no more expensive than any of our competitors, many of which also charge a cost for usage.) This means that only when you make money, we make money. 

Volunteers aren’t just unpaid, they often end up out of pocket. A third of coaches and organisers say funding is their biggest problem. Collecting payments and chasing due is at core of the grind of the admin. Spond helps you tackle the dull bits – the messages and invitations – and the unpleasant bit – asking for and collecting money. Should you choose to do so, you can change the setting for an event so that people won’t be able to sign up until they’ve paid.

Spond generates revenue from a transaction fee for those who choose to collect money for their teams and groups through the app. There are no ads in the app. Our primary goal is to make organizing activities easier for administrators, parents, and participants with our free-to-use Spond app and the club membership management platform, Spond Club. When people get together, wonderful things happen. Spond exists to make together better, and we help our users with both the organising bits and the financial bit. 

Spond is privately owned, and is backed by a group of strong and well-renowned investors.

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