Direct messages to children

In club settings in Spond Club you will now be able to see group settings - here you will be able to set the Age limit for direct messaging. This means that members under this age cannot send or receive messages with other team members, guardians or administrators. Administrators and guardians will still be able to communicate with each other.

If you activate this age limit, you can give some group admin rights to still be able to send messages to children in the group. You do this under club settings and roles for group admin.

Messages sent from Spond Club are not affected by these changes.

The purpose of this is to keep a safe environment for children, and only let them participate in the conversations when they are ready for it.

Guardians have an overview of the children's messages

Guardians of children in one or more groups, will get a new tab in their message view where they can see conversations of which their child is a part of in these groups.

The purpose of this is to enable guardians to see conversations that their children are involved in, in the Spond app.

Under group settings you can also set whether other members should be able to see the contact information of the other members or not. A guardian / member can still choose to hide their contact information even if you have set it to be visible.

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