After sending payment

This is an example from an UK club where the currency is set to be in pounds, but you would get your local currency.

Here you can see how you set up a payment request.

Members with app

Members who have downloaded the Spond app and are in a group within the club/organization will receive push notifications about payments in the app. It will look like this to them:

Guardians who is active in the club will first go through the steps for themselves, then for their child.

Members who receive email notifications

Members who have not downloaded the app or members who have the app but are not in a group in your club / organization will receive the notification by email.

Members with only a telephone number registered will receive the payment request by text message.

In the club platform you will have a full status view that automatically updates itself on what is outstanding, paid and past due at all times. Both in pounds and in a graphical overview.

If you want to change the price or exempt a member after send out, you can scroll down to the recipients. Then press "edit" once clicked on the member.

When a payment is overdue you will be able to send a reminder. The payment reminder will appear on both the email and the app for those who have the app. Those who do not have the app will receive it by email.

When you send a reminder, you will see when the last reminder was sent and how many reminders the member received.

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