Information to Members/Guardians

Most clubs starting with Spond Club choses to send out information to members and guardians. Below are some suggestions about what you should/ could include.

What does it means for the teams/groups that are already using Spond?

If you are already using Spond you will not really notice anything different in the app. The only change will be that you will now also receive messages from the club and payment requests in the app.

Some may also notice that their group roles changed names.

What does it mean for the teams/groups that are currently not using Spond?

Those who are not currently using Spond will need to set up a Spond group. The club will contact the different teams.

Important info regarding the set up

If you are a guardian to a member you need to make sure that the information about your child is correct. If it is not correct we would appreciate if you can update the info you are allowed to update, and ask your coach/group admin to update the other changes.

  • Remember that a guardian email/phone number should never be listet on the child itself, only on the guardian. If a child does not have their own email/phone number, these fields should be left empty.
  • If your club are operating with a siblings discount or family membership, it is important that you make sure that all members within your family have the same payment contact.


All Spond products are GDPR compliant with safeguarding at the core.

You can read Spond´s privacy statement here.

Spond also has a useful help center here.

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