Importing members via Excel

You can add members to Spond Club using the ‘member import’ feature.

To ensure your data is imported corrected, it's important that the right data is in the right column. To make this simple, we created an Excel template which you can download, populate and then import.

To do this, go to ‘Members’ and click ‘Import member’.

If you want to change the role for some of the members, you can do this after you have imported the group and its members.

Only add one member per Excel row. If a member is to be a part of several groups, it is better to do this after the member is imported.

If you want to add custom fields – like school, shoe size etc – you can add them to the template before you download and populate it.

In the Excel template, data columns will be set to ‘Date format’. If you add columns or text from other sheets, make sure that the cells are still set to ‘Date’.

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