How do I import my Spond groups?

When you’ve set up your basic elements, like club administrators, member fields and group roles, you are ready to import your Spond groups.

Importing a group

When you import a group into Spond Club, group members using the app won’t notice anything different. However, depending on what roles you assign group administrators, some may see their permissions change.

When importing a Spond group, the member type is set to the first in the list of member types. Read more about how this can be solved.

Importing has three steps.

- Adding details

- Mapping roles

- Final summary


This is where you add group name, chose what department the groups should be in, who the contact person is etc. All of these will also affect how the group appear in the Spond app.


Your group will come with the existing group roles which you defined in the app. Spond Club will automatic map these onto the new Club group roles.

We recommend that you plan which group roles you will need in advance, as you can’t create new roles when you import a group.


The summary gives you a final look at the member list before you do the import. If anything is amiss, you can go back to the previous steps to correct it.

If you want to change any members’ roles, you can also do this after you have imported the group.

Please note: when you import members and add them to a new group, all members, including ‘unprocessed’ members will automatically receive a notification. If you would prefer unprocessed members don’t receive this notification, it may be best not to invite new members until you have imported your groups.

Manage imported members

All imported members must be reviewed and processed before they can be placed as active members. See the section on “unprocessed members”.

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