How to set up the sign up form?

To set up an enrollment form, go to club settings and then sign up form.

You can only have one form at a time, so if you have already created a form, you must click edit form to edit the existing form.

If you have not created a form, click create sign up form.

In the first step, you are free to write whatever you want. For example, you can add information about the club and possibly the different training times of their different teams / groups.

Member Types

Choose which member types the person can choose when signing up. Membership types are predefined under club settings and member type.

If you select only one member type, that member will be automatically assigned and the person will not see this selection.

Based on member type, you can also define whether members should be able to apply to predefined groups / teams. You do this under Allow Group Selection or No Group Selection.


If you want a new member to be able to choose the group they want to join, you can choose which groups are available for picking. The member is not added to the group until the club approves their membership request.

Member fields

Choose from the predefined member fields that you want to appear in the form. They may be required or optional. You have already set these fields under club settings and member fields.

You can also add Additional fields. These fields will only exist as part of the enrollment and will not be stored on the member itself. When you later process each registration, you can choose to copy any information to the permanent membership fields if you wish.

Terms and conditions

When registering, you can choose whether to approve the club's terms and conditions and privacy policy. You may also request that the club use photos of the member in accordance with the club's guidelines.

To post the form on your homepage or send it out, go to Copy this link and place it on your homepage.

Member notification

Once you have created the form, you can go to Member notification.

Under Confirmation email, add the text that will be sent by e-mail to confirm that the registration has been received and is pending or on a waiting list.

Under Notification of approved sign ups, add the text that is sent by e-mail as a confirmation that the registration has been approved and that he or she is welcomed as a member.

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