After the participants has signed up

In the list of registered participants, you can filter by product, additional product, group affiliation for existing members, etc.

This makes it easy to put the participants in groups, for example based on product. You can create the groups in advance and these will be available in the Spond app as usual.

You can also cancel a single registration if necessary.

You can transfer registered people to members if they are not a member of the club before. Then you can add the members in groups. Of course, you can also add people to groups even if they are not members of the club, for example by creating another type of member. Then it will be easy to distinguish between only registered and ordinary club members.

You can send a message to all members, whether they are existing club members or not. The message will be sent to the Spond app if the person is already a club member or by e-mail in other cases.

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