Step-by-Step Setup Guide - (for clubs without existing Spond groups)

This is setup guide is for clubs where none of the teams/groups use Spond today.

If any of your teams/groups use Spond today, you can follow this guide instead.

The first step is to go through the club settings.

Club settings:

- set up member fields (if you want to save any additional info on your members - we have basic info as default in the solution)

- set up member types  (regardless of how many groups a member is a part of, they only have one member type)

- set up your sign up form and add the URL on your webpage or on another platform

- Go through and edit group settings

- Go through and edit roles for group admins

Departments and group:

Create a group. We recommend one group per team/group. You can also create subgroups within a group.


- Import members

Remember to add a group admin in each group (coach/ team manager)

The Excel template is adapted to your club so everything you have predefined in the club platform is already included in the excel sheet. Use the dropdown menu when adding values in the cells.

You should never add a guardian’s phone number or email for the member, that should only be added to the guardian. If a child doesn’t have their own phone number or email, these fields should be left empty.

Don’t delete/ change any of the columns, even if you don’t need them - you can just leave them empty.

Upload the excel template. Invitations will automatically be sent out to the members.

Members from the excel template will appear in the unprocessed tab for you to approve them as active members. You can read more about that here.

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