How to set up your Spond Superdraw campaign in Spond Club

Setting up your Spond Superdraw campaign only takes 2 minutes.

To set up your Spond Superdraw campaign in Spond Club, you first need to log into Spond Club. Then follow these simple steps.

  • Select £10K Spond Superdraw
  • Select the start date for your campaign. It can start right away if you wish. Remember, if you select a date after the seven day deadline for the current draw, your campaign will roll over into next month's draw.
NOTE: The 7 day deadline occurs exactly 7 days before the next Spond Superdraw draw. After this point, any new fundraisers set live will roll over into the next months draw. For example, if the October draw closes at 1400 on the 31st, any draws going live after 1400 on the 24th will roll over into November. This ensures that you never have less than 7 days to promote your Superdraw fundraiser.

  • Use the slider to select your sales target for each seller.

NOTE: Always choose a target figure that is achievable for your members, but also something they can aim for.

  • Press 'Next'
  • Now enter your club name.
  • Enter the purpose of your fundraiser. We recommend you keep this upbeat and specific as it shows your sellers and entrants what their money will be going towards.

  • You can see a mockup of how your sellers' fundraising pages will look.
  • Click 'Next'
  • Enter the bank account details where you would like your club's funds to be sent after the Spond Superdraw campaign.
    • We recommend that you use a club bank account for settlement of all funds raised by your Spond Superdraw campaign.
    • If your club has different bank accounts for different teams or groups, you should discuss this internally and nominate an account where the funds should be sent - Spond cannot divide funds between multiple accounts for the same campaign.
    • In the unlikely event that your club does not have its own bank account, a personal account can be nominated. This should be approved by the club committee and should ideally belong to someone with responsibility for the club’s finances (ie. Treasurer, financial controller, etc)
  • Now enter your preferred email address where payout documentation should be sent. This should be the email of the person responsible for finance in your club.
  • Finally, please accept the terms and conditions of Spond Superdraw.
  • Press 'Next'
  • You will now see a summary of your Superdraw campaign. Please double check all of the details
  • This is also where you can select members to become nominated sellers for your campaign. Scroll down to participants and select 'Add participants'.
  • Now, simply select all members you would like to add as sellers and, when you're done, press the 'Add' button. If you want to add more, you can always do this later.
  • When you're happy to proceed, press 'Start fundraiser now'.
  • That's it. You're good to go. Your fundraiser will go live on the date you selected and all nominated sellers will receive an email telling them what to do.

NOTE: You can come back to this page at any time to see how your fundraiser is performing. Sales are updated in real time.

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